Basic rules for deck contruction:

* A deck must contain at least 100 cards
* At least 30% of the deck must be creatures with the same creature type. This is your tribe.
* Creatures and Tribal cards that don't share a creature type with your tribe are banned.
* Non-creature cards that create creature tokens outside your tribe, or can become a creature outside your tribe, are banned.
* All non-creature spells in your deck must share a color with a creature in you deck.
* Non-land cards that don't share a creature type with your tribe are restricted.
* Planeswalker cards are banned unless they clearly belong to the tribe (e.g. Vraska is ok in Gorgons and Tamiyo is ok in Moonfolk).
* If a creature "works with the tribe" flavorwise but is not a creature in the tribe, it is restricted instead of banned (e.g. Endrek Sahr is restricted in Thrulls, Ratcatcher is restricted in rats)

Format specific rules

* Each player starts at 30 life
* "Partial London" mulligans are allowed
* The starting player gets a draw phase
* Triggered or activated abilities that make you win the game or make an opponent lose the game have no effect instead.
* If a player has the choice to perform a series of actions an arbitrary number of times, such as with e.g. Pestermite and Splinter Twin, that player cannot choose to perform that action more than once each turn. In short, "infinite combos" are banned.


* Strip Mine
* Dust Bowl
* Library of Alexandria
* Starlit Sanctum
* Mishra's Workshop
* Emeria, the Sky Ruin
* Gaea's Cradle


* Ancestral Recall
* An-Zerrin Ruins
* Biorhythm
* Black Lotus
* Cyclonic Rift
* Darksteel Forge
* Engineered Plague
* Expropriate
* Goblin Recruiter
* Humility
* Icon of Ancestry
* Limited Resources
* Maze of Ith
* Moxen (Emerald, Jet, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire)
* Overwhelming Splendor
* Panoptic Mirror
* Rise of the Dark Realms
* Staff of Domination
* Time Stretch
* Time Vault
* Time Walk
* Upheaval
* Vanquisher's Banner
* Venser's Journal
* Wanderwine Prophets
* Dexterity cards (Chaos Orb and Falling Star)
* Ante cards (except Rebirth)

Banned tribes:

* Avatars
* Eldrazi
* Humans
* Slivers
* Vampires
* Wizards

House rules:

* Anyone playing Confusion in the Ranks or Thieves' Auction may be punched in the face.
* Anyone winning with Timetwister or Jokulhaups still in hand shouldn't call themselves a winner.